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Dennis' Pamplona Links - Dennis Iruñeko Hiperestekak - Hipervínculos Pamplona de Dennis


Chasing Red Screener, FREE

Relive fiesta! Watch Dennis' 2012 documentary, free until July 31st.

Password: PamplonaBulls02

After that, rent / purchase from Vimeo at:

Starting in October it will be a ton of your favorite streaming platforms, due to a new distribution deal.

If you like it, please show gratitude by leaving a reviews at:

Foto Alberto

One photo shop in town, for photos of the run. Photos are available to purchase online as well.

Shop Information in Pamplona:

Foto Mena

Extensive Number of Photos from the encierro (bull run) for purchase online. They often have more than Foto Alberto.

Diario de Navarra Sanfermines

Portal for some videos and photos of each run.

RTVE National Broadcaster

Much like Diario de Navarra, these is access to videos and top photos from each day.

Noticias de Navarra Sanfermin 2023 Photo Gallery

Another source of some online photos from the fiesta (best on tablet or laptop)

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