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Don't Wait: Just Go.

Last night, a strong storm swept through Dallas disturbing several of days of clear skies and hot temperatures. Rain persisted through the morning. Change of weather can offer nice sunsets —an opinion that escaped me until the sun had nearly set tonight. Peering through my window, I could see that the last rays reflecting magenta light from the mirrored skyscrapers downtown. Had I missed a magical sunset? Racing against a sky of deepening blue, I reached for my camera and scurried to the roof. Time was short, and I did not bother to grab a wider lens or tripod.

Within the 40 seconds that took, the sun crep further beneath my earth. Little semblance of fuschia remained.

The photos, though usable, were not spectacular. Returning from the roof, I loaded them on my computer. This is one.

Photo of Dallas: Take One

It's been over three months since I disembarked my last flight. It was mid-March, and my job had requested I not weather the coronavirus in the Virgin Islands. Since then, I've had the ponder the lessons the pandemic has taught me.

The pandemic's main lesson goes back to a question I was asked on a recent trip, "why didn't you come longer?" I responded with "That's all I had. And I think if I had always waited until I had more time, I never would have gone anywhere."

The pandemic has heightened that sentiment. Borders around the world, once open for a weekend jaunt, are now mostly closed. This will be my first summer since 2003 that isn't spent (in some part) in Europe. Okay, honestly, who cares about that? I'm probably due for a break anyhow. Perhaps this is an opportunity to reflect and qualify the value of those vacations. Still, the point is that I have few regrets, because I always traveled when time allowed. My travels haven't all gone well, but they have always taught me something that I apply to my life or my next trip.

Taking some mediocre photos on my roof tonight taught me something. Bring a tripod; slow the shutter. Going back to the roof hours later, I took another shoot. Not great, but better.

Practice makes perfect, and you have to start somewhere. If you want something, don't hesitate. Take the first step. Learn, adapt, and get there sooner.

Photo of Dallas: Take Two

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